Hi. I’m Jake. I’m the one who is on the road.

I’m a culinary enthusiast and aspiring home cook based in Austin, Texas.

Professionally, I’m the associate publisher of StateScoop and EdScoop ā€” two online news publications focused on state and local government and education, respectively. While my daily job doesn’t focus on food, it does require me to travel pretty frequently ā€” hence “on the road.”

Get it? Ok.

JW on the Road started as an Instagram account in May of 2017 (first post!), and is now the brand for all of my food experiences.

Here at JWOnTheRoad.com, I’ll take you beyond the food you see on Instagram and into the experience. From my window seat on the airplane to my home kitchen, we’ll explore the world of food together.

Let’s hit the road.

PS: Want to collaborate on a post, concept or idea? I’m all ears. Reach out via the contact page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.