You’re here! I’m here! We’re all here. It’s happening. Let’s do this.

I’m Jake. Find out who I am and why I’m on the road here.

Here’s how this is going to work

This is a food blog. Yes, a food blog. One that exists by a few principles:

  1. Food is beautiful. Food is art.
  2. Cook as much as you can, as well as you can.
  3. Try everything once.

Some days I will write about restaurants, experiences at them and the people behind the food.

Other days I’ll write about what I’m cooking, occasionally I’ll write about ingredients and how to use them, but ultimately, this is about food and about trying to find a good way to write about a subject I have grown to love so much.

You see, food is about way more than just eating. It’s about way more than just calories that sustain an existence.

Food is about life. Food is about culture. Food is about flavor. Food is about so much more.

So we’re going to dive into all of that here on this site. I’m excited for you to join me.

Some posts you might see on this site

OTR, short for “On the Road”  — This series highlights a particular restaurant, place or experience. To be clear, these are not reviews, but instead a look inside an organization, a meal or flavors. While I think there’s a place for reviews (and maybe a place for reviews here sometime in the future), there are establishments and food worthy of noting and celebrating. That’s what these posts are about.

ITK, short for “In the Kitchen”  With these posts, I’ll take you into my kitchen. We’ll talk about particular techniques, recipes, tools or ideas that I’m learning or working on. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a professional chef by any means. Instead, I’m an avid home cook and believe in enabling everyone to have the chance and opportunity to cook every day, whatever form that takes. This series takes you with me as I do that.

CY, short for “Challenge Yourself” — Inspired by a particular show on the Food Network, I love creating meals/dishes with just a few random ingredients that I find at the grocery store. Here, I’ll share with you what works (and what doesn’t!) and how to incorporate that into your daily life as a home cook.

KYI, short for “Know Your Ingredients” — So much of what we cook with, use in the kitchen or eat at a restaurant on a daily basis has no real knowledge behind it. With this series, we’re going to look at some of these ingredients (common or otherwise) and how to use them in a way that can really change how you cook (and eat).

CC, short for “Cookbook Confidential” — The first series addition after the launch of JW on the Road. As a self-taught home cook, I am learning/have learned about food and technique from the Food Network and from cookbooks. Here’s where I’ll review cookbooks (or potentially even multimedia offerings) and sort out what you need from them — or whether they’re worth your own investment.